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Our top priorities are your satisfaction and building a long-lasting friendship. Our business is based on strong referrals from satisfied customers. We have a long list of friends who are happy to share their experience with you.


Mark and Molly Roman

"I had to admit that when we first started discussing the job, I was pretty apprehensive about how smoothly the process would run. Because this was our first time doing any kind of contract work and because I heard about so many problems other people had with timeliness and quality of work, I was prepared for the worst.

I was continuously surprised by your commitment to excellence. You were on time, you kept your word, you have incredibly professional and courteous people surrounding you, your craftsmanship for every aspect of the job was superior, and Molly and I were always comfortable having you and your work crew around the house."


Winthrop G. Minot

"We recently did a major addition to our home in Cohasset, Massachusetts. The McKay Construction Co. had previously updated the living spaces of the house so we, of course, wanted to get a bid for the addition from John McKay.

We cannot say enough positive things about the excellent work John and his subcontractors did to enhance our home. John's remarkable vision for our addition far exceeded our original thoughts. We had significant water issues to address as our home sits on a granite cliff. Due to his careful and individual supervision of the water drainage systems, our home is completely watertight. The quality of the interior finishes is superb and every square foot of our home is now functional due to John's creative use of the space.

We cannot imagine doing any home renovation or restoration with any other builder. John and his company are truly superb at what they do and we highly recommend The McKay Construction Co."



McKay Construction


Our top priorities are your satisfaction and building a long-lasting friendship.

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